Monday, 22 November 2010

Project I

Bff's 4 like eva.

When you just have too much money and need to rid some form your bank.

Not Just Acsepting Limbs

Net A

Window shopping when u can stand a drool as long as you want.

MDX Jewlry pop-up
Home grown discount sheik, quality, performance pieces of the future generation.

Absolute Vintage

A historical maze, a Narnia of leather, a haven of Brick lane.

Blue Birds
A wear-house of all your fashion musts and maybes.


Exactly what it says on the tin.

Lbour of Love

A stain up imprint we rediscover over and over.

Matches (spy)

Oxfam Boutique

One man's trash is another womans tresure.


An O.C.D. of shade's


Acne off spring thats made to stay.

The Convenience Store

Is not convenient but its pretty so we let it be.

B store

Autumn wood.

Hoxton boutique

Teenage candy, with a twist.

Dover street Market

"At the end of the day you don't want to be jumping on people, it's not how the store works"


A minimal gallery, knowledge and price.


Mixed emotions, a warm smile or a cold glare.

Browns Focus

Like mother like daughter, just more open minded.

Beyond retro

Apparently colour coordination is the key, or something. . . .


It smells as good as it looks (Gucci).

Urben outfitters

Reclining, reinventing, ratty.


The unoriginal beehive.


Intimidating tourist attraction- Locals haven.


A homely archive of the present, new and old.