Monday, 2 May 2011

Scene Kid Encyclopedia

From an Anonymous Scene Kid (as if they admitted to being a Scene Kid they blatantly wouldn't be one), some top tips to guide you in the right direction.
1.       What would you say the most important thing about your appearance are?
I’m gona go with hair, thats a biggy then maybe shoes and piercing's probably.
2.       In your experience what hairspray you deem unliveable without and is less more?
Tresemme freezhold, long lasting and has great hold, and a huge can of it and no less ant more at all, i like my fringe slick down so it docent blow up out of place.
3.       Perfect pair of skinny jeans, men’s or woman’s?
Topman black skinnies for guys, and Primark dark girls jeans as i could never find men’s navy ones..
4.       What's more important to you, Pride or street cred? 
Hmm i have already lost my pride to gain street cred, so yeah that more important.
5.       Would you rathe live without Music or Vision?
To be fair I could get my mates to dress me and make me look cool, but no way would i be able to live without music love finding new stuff specially finding Dub-Step.
6.       What your poison, what’s your hair dye?
Erm I’m gona have to go with cheeky vimto(WKD blue and port.), Plumb red ; crazy colour, but il stick anything in my hair, if it goes wrong i wont leave the house!
7.       What's the best night out you've had?
Thats definitely a night out in Salt Rock City (a venue in Nottingham), they have some amazing gigs on their followed by a club night with some epic tunes!
8.       Top tips to keep your high tops in mint condition?
Haha, I don’t, I go for the dirty look. I don't have the money to spend on new trainers every week.
9.       What sub-culture do you think is the coolest, and what do you class yourself as?
Scene kid but thats only because its what everyone calls me, with all my pricings and tattoo’s big hair. Haha I’m scene apparently.
10.   What your most prided pice of jewelry?
Erm, i would say it has to be a tap belt buckle its soo cool and retro, that or leggo necklace.
11.   What celebrity do you admire the most?
Hailey Williams, Paramore’s lead singer.
12.   Last 3 albums you brought / downloaded?
Katie Perry, Emarosa and Fore Years Strong, all downloaded of corse.
13.   Walk me through your typical weekend
Well if its starting friday id be out with mates drinking, Saturday sleeping in LATE then hanging about town with friends not doing much, then pub and a decent gig if its on usually local bands and that, then sunday i sleep eat and play WoW
14.   You have £500 pounds what do you do?

Buy a Pokémon, no actually id get a micro pig and dress him as a Pokémon.
15.   The perfect weekend would be?
Hanging out with my friends.
16.   Favourite films?

Can it be pornographic? Ok, Freedom Writers (2007), Dead Poet Society (1989) properly.
17.   Sum your friends in one word?
Amazunnyoyle, Because their amazing always about funny and always have my back.
18   What’s your bad habit?

Taking my plugs out and wiping my ear cheese on people
19.   Who do you draw your look from?
Oliver Scott Sykes. . . . . . . . .I’m not a stalker or anything.
20. If you could tips to anyone to be a Scene Kid what would it be?
Jeeze, well don't try to hard because no one will like you, just to be yourself start hanging around places you see them, thats how i met some of my best mates surfing through crows of mates, mates and settling with the ones i gelled with. I just found i liked allot of different things and from that i found myself on the Scene and now i keep up with it because its so fresh and packed full of good times. But i really wouldn't call myself a Scene Kid.

Another Magazine, Another Scene Kid.

Jeremy Defour
 Photographer : Willy Vanderperre
Stylist: Alister Mackie
Hair and make up : Peter Philips
Set design : Stevie Stuart

Jeremy Defour
This Fashion shoot displays so many elements of Scene Kids, from flat peaks to wrist bands to brightly colored trainers, but my most favourite part of this fashion story is the fact they have dressed up this guy in Full circlue, hugo boss, top man, john gallioarno, Rachel Aurubn, Nike, Raf Simons, Judy Blame, Alexander McQueen and yet they don't change his trainers apart form one picture, as they cant top the'Models own' trains witch makes it incredible Scene Kid like, as we all know they know the best cracks to find amazing shoes.

Jeremy Defour

Jeremy Defour

Jeremy Defour

Jeremy Defour

Jeremy Defour

This shoot has exposed the clubbing scene for Scene Kids with the illumines wrist bands, because they are fresh on the scene with music especially they always seem to have gigs bands and festival wrist ties scattered up their arm. Other elements shown are the low, low trousers showing off their underwear and quirky little accessories all taken to the absolute extreme in this shoot by the mozake of key chains hanging form his trousers to the over styled hair, done so bad with so much product it pulls off a great look.

The Waterfront

The waterfront by day

The waterfront by night
This plain looking building is home to a great musical scene in norwich, it is open every weekend and most evening for gigs and club nights, it has a very youthful crowd, and a very alternative scene.

By nigh this place comes alive, striving with youth and drunken antics, its the place to be on a night out in Norwich thanks to its amazing musical lines ups. It has had such performers as La Roux, Bowling for Soup, Pigeon Detectives, Sponge, Hadouken! and so on. 

Waterfront interior

This band came about shortly after Scene Kids did, they merge perfectly with this youthful subculture,   adopting their dress style to their music style, a mix of many genres and opening the door to Dubstep witch most Scene kids strive on now as its new and popular with youth's. This band has evolved and adapted and kept up with the vast changing scene witch is why allot of Scene kids still listen love and follow this band.

The Blackout, Waterfront

The Waterfront always draws a crowd, no matter the night, no matter the price. It keeps itself alive form the youth of the crowd it draws and rewards them with the bands and music they love.

Bring me the Horizen, Waterfront
By Jen

'LOL' Captions at the waterfront

Night hear birth many new cultures and trends, its a great night out to see what's out their and to make new friends. Without night like these Scene kids would never find new trends and dress styles to keep their look fresh and unique is the pool of inspiration.

<3 Captions at the Waterfront
Faces of the waterfront

The ananotmy of Guns, Waterfront

The fozz

The Forum
The forum, The heart of norwich and the most populated areas of youth based sub cultures, it has a very heavy scene kid bases. Essentially it’s a huge constructed outdoor arena with steps / seats up to the main building, inside you can find a library and coffee shop with some restaurants up stairs.

The Forum steps

STEPS, You cant be a youthful subculture without a good place to loiter and what better than to in the middle of a city or town. It was the same in my town all the greeboes goths and chav's hung out at the town hall steps and its no different at the forum except it is mainly dominated by scene kids, but that not surprising with the mix of shops their offering Scean'isem on a plate to you.

Forum events
The Favourit forum coffe shop
The Fozz as everyone calls it has an array of events is hosts on the weekend such as advertisements and launch seems for dance, circus classes and entertainment, distracting youths from being inside the forum as the staff their do not favor them. Always asking you to leave and "escorting" you off the premiss. It helps rase status if you get kicked out or even "banned" a few times, perfect fro scene kids as they have that front of attitude when they don't want to piss anyone off.

Inside the forum

Thursday, 31 March 2011

Bleeding star.

Bleeding star was a mile stone in the birth of Scene Kids releasing their first branch of their brand, it  came about not long before 2005. It took one person to make this brand, and many to spread the word of these deigns. Essentially the team is one organizer and a group of his friends that want to be involved, many other have joined the teem throughout its few years of design, such as ; bands, extreme athletes, DJ's, artists and designers. With all that fresh young dedicated talent no wonder they have helped make this sub culture what it is.
Bleeding star group shot

You can see the typical styled up image of a group of people who would fall into he Scene Kid sub couture, through promoting their designs with these models and with this style of background they have idolized key features scene kids strive on. The graphics and print found on most of the t-shirts worn are in the very specific art style of graffiti, with graffiti comes skaters, BMX's and other extreme sports and allot of those people are heavily tattooed witch can be seen in they style of some of these t shirts. They all feed back into each other. Bleeding Star was one of the first to combine the mixed elements from Skaters, Emo's and other alternate sub cultures and this was their bi-product. Through looking at the elements of street culture they helped birth a new one, that other were tempted into from the designs they produced, the graphic prints as well as the attitude they adopted. 
"Stand up fro what you believe in despite how much persecution you may have to go through. No matter what 'scene' you may belong to, or whatever type of music you enjoy listening to. Wether you spend your days dancing to the pulse of a DJ, or rockin it at a hardcore show, just be true to yourself."
This is bleeding stars motto, from when it first launched itself into the world, and allot of the points it makes fit the lifestyle taken form the Scene kid's 'bible'.
Bleeding star
This image is one they use to market their work and sell it the fact you can hardly see any of the print of the clothing is insignificant to the buyer, as they are mainly looking at the girls dyed hair and extensions, he accessories and attitude. She looks how they want to, or think would be cool to look like and gives off a  very in your face vibe, through using the characteristics of this subculture they have increaed the chance of swaying someone young and inpreshinible to buy it. They are selling a lifestyle, ideally the lifestyle of a Scene Kid. Trough marketing this way they may have glamorized the fad of sleeve tattoo's and facial piercing, dyed hair and such but they took these features form other cultures to produce work like this developing a cattails for the birth of Scene Kid's.

Bleeding star
Other latter elements seen in their production is the use of unisex clothing, as they only really sell tops and hoody's it is easier for them to do this, form a culture were guys are wearing girls jeans because their skinnier and girls wearing guys tops because they are bigger and more graphic the brand has taken this into consideration when producing designs. The print on the clothes is neither masculine or feminine. They have some girly colour and some gory male style imagery but still stays neutral, this was then latter developed by other brans they have association with into such prints as the scull and bow print and death cherry's in cutesy styles. The brand itself has moved on through time, their early designs are very dull to what they produce now, and this can be linked with how spratick the Scene Kid coulture is, asways changing always finding new things they like, new music and developing themself and Bleeding star have been on the side lines watchign and helping them as they find themself more engulfed by this social group and show them some serous extreme Scene Kids.

Henry Holland

Henry Holland seems to be a bit of a hybrid himself, he has a lot of key characteristics of a Scene Kid and these have obviously been filtered down through his designs. He has a prided hair cut and packs a colourful punch; his clothes have the attitude of what’s expected form the street culture, bold and savvy, as long as the person in it has the dominance so the clothes don’t wear them. Is this the sub culture of a Scene Adult?
Henry Holland himself.
You can see from his look that he is a very trendy guy, a modern twist on big hair, his print top, the bravery to sport tartan trousers and avoiding looking like a punk want-to-be. He may not have the animal print, the dyed hair, the skinny skinny jeans but he has the key features of attitude and print. As Scene Kids aren’t just about the look it allot about the balance of attitude, a mix of intimidation with not being seen as some arrogant prick. Henry has this balance. In this picture he is wearing quite a contemporary print t-shirt, the fact its print plays heavily on the influence of this street culture, the fact you don’t really see what the image is of straight away seem to be another hint towards inspiration of scene kids tops, as most of them now are so heavily packed full of amazing graphics you do have to sit, stair and dissect the image. Different angel same point. Keeping it simple with his grey hoody and black jacket he finds himself slipping again back into a scene kid stature, with the low cut tight jacket + hoody, layering up he has done what most scene guys do.

Henry Holland
Moving on the man’s work, hear you can see he’s has followed the ever so popular trend of the heavy text print slogan tops. When these first came out the few people that had the right attitude to wear and pull off were scene kids due to their attitude to life and from what some of these early confrontational tops said. Here he has launched his own spin of them, different slogans still on the borderline of “offensive” print, he’s added colour on the text making It pop and put them on colourful backgrounds, the inspiration of this can quite easily be traced to the scene kid colour pallet, as you know how kids and colour’s are. There is one other thing he has taken form the street style, big baggy t-shirts, witch such epic prints Scene kids need a big canvas to display it on and can’t help but drape themselves in these drowning tops over their frail body’s, he has just taken the length and kept them thin, other have altered this further tuning this fad of big bold text print tops into long t-shirt dresses. With the guy, colour on the pants is essential, when you wear jeans low and everyone can see them scene kids make sure their pretty, Henry has obviously taken note of this, taking out the hole element of trousers. No high tops for Henry though, but he has just transferred the colour onto boots, making them very snazzy.

Henry Holland
Print and poker-dot’s, there was a time when poker-dot was one of the main crazes of Scene girls, for some of the old school’ers it still is even after the big shift onto animal print and the new funky cutesy object print. But what ells would you expect from a graduate in print, so why would Henry not look to the streets for colourful, unique print based sub culture of scene kids? The fact he studied journalism as well meaning he is more likely to be aware of the cultures going on in the country.

Monday, 28 March 2011

Marc by Marc

In Marc by Marc's spring/ summer 2010 collection they seem to have grasped allot of street influence form the sub culture of Scene Kid's. The strong heavy bold use of colour, the animal inspired print mixed with quirky accessories.

Marc by Marc Jacobs

The leopard print top can easily be seen to transcend from the street cultures of Scene kids, as it seems to be one of the key features of their wardrobe to identifying them selves into this culture, The low drape sleeves on the top stylize the scene kids look of being petite and small girls with slightly swampy tops yet still defining the small waist. It still sets a clear break from the origin of the pattern, it is discolored from its natural form and has been enlarged and more dispersed creating more thoughtful and conceptual look. Mixing the electric blue belt ribbon tie with the striking bright orange pattern skirt gives of a bold and complimentary statement witch is seen allot in the trends of this street culture, the total look is then topped with a huge oversized bow in the hair. Girls form this sub culture have been seen with the same feature and allot of the tops features bow’s collaborated with sculls. 

Marc by Marc Jacobs
Within the male realm of the stylization of scene kids Marc by Marc has been very very subtle in this aspect he has stuck with his favorites electric blue witch attract scene kids like moths to a flame, fashioning this into a luxurious long mac coat, not the typical scene kid coat mind but the colour keeps it on trend. With guys jackets need to make a bold statement accompanied by heavy print tops, but Marc has substituted this with a printed tie, toning it down adding to the subtle effect. A very effective key to menswear, subtle and different, ironic as scene kids are anything but subtle appearance wise. The pice I find most significant in this outfit that is taken from the street style is the belt buckle, as for most males cultures it is a source of pride and status. The bigger the buckle, the more colorful, the more dominant the male, scene kids opt for the more colorful and shinny to state their masculinity.

Marc by Marc Jacobs 

In a culture wear appearance and attitude is everything this image seem to key down some of those spectacular features, not as in your face but still non the less precent and powerful, the big curls of hair imitate a more tasteful appearance of the teen driven craze of back combed hair. The sunglasses give off a intimidating effect that scene girls achieve with other means, via being more creative. Once again Marc has stuck on gold with this beautiful animal print coat, Cheater. Different to the leopard print but still quite similar it branches off in to the animal inspired realm and could have lead to other fads of print such as zebra and such. The small cutesy dress underneath looks almost misplaced on this girl witch some groups of scene kids have developed into their own style, such as floral like dresses replaces with prints of animated sculls, cherries and stars, the fact is the prints are subtle and just stand out because of the style cut of the dress itself so when you begin to pick up on these things you notice such print details. Marc has pinpointed this awkwardness of the figure and look of the person to the cut of the clothes so you divulge more deeply into the entirety of the look. The flat dolly shoes could also been seen as simplified replicas of the heavy pattern iron fist style shoes, non the less you wont catch a scene kid in anything other than high tops or dolly shoes just add colour.

Monday, 28 February 2011

Kilts, Shortbread, Ashish Gupta and Haggis?

Ashiah Gupta
The man himself.
So my first catwalk show and I come out buzzing, I can already feel the addiction seeping through my skin.

 What a way to start with Gupta's new A/W 2011 collection based on a Scottish influence (if you hadn’t already guessed).
He storms out these young models bright eyed and stern faced in these stunning glistening garments of pure beauty. The collection consisted of tartan patterning in what appears to look like it’s sprinkled in glitter, accompanied by the odd knit jumper with stretched and worn holes.

My favourit pice of the show, a beautifull dress
with sunken pockets in the side seem.

A stunning A semetrical dresse with one
elagent long sleeve and the other bear.

He has brought a new essence to the look of Punk street couture with his softer alterations of it, as he states “Punk with a lower case ‘p’”. He has taken shabby to an entire new level glam’ed up with the shimmering shiny treasures hidden under the tattered worn jumpers a mix and match of Scottish heritage and the trendy tern of street couture. He seems to have broken away from the norm and hit the nail on the head with this one, it was truly a treat to experience this show live in no other way should these garments gleam and sparkle but under the intense spot lights of a cat walk, sunlight would not grant them justice of their true potential.


The defanition of his collection.

And thus his collection was compleate, with his very tripocal pick of shabby styled models, i persanly think the ginger chick was a nice touch, very ironic.

Monday, 7 February 2011

Planting the scene seed.

Zui Suicide


The origin of Scene kids is a bit sketchy it appears to be a collaboration of most sub cultures, as the look is reflects many elements from such cultures, such roles models in the scene are Zui Suicide, Oli Sykes and bands such as Haduken.

Visual Kei is obviously the inspiration of hair and the Japanese street flare of extremism, some say that scene kids come from emo’s just more colourful and well happy. But you can see similar traits from other sub cultures such as New Romantic, Glam rock, Punk, Indie and so on. . .

Vanna Venom

From my own experience Scene kids are highly stylise colourful people nice to get on with if you treat them right and typically have big hair held by masses of hairspray with colour chucked in and maybe a bit of animal pattern stencil on, printed t shirts and band tops with fun animations and colour, skinny jeans legging skirts and tight with studded belts and glam buckles such as the brand Famous (ironic huh), vans or high tops with fun patterns and colours. However it is a very youthful thing, you don’t get many beyond the age of 21, my opinion- that’s when they can’t maintain a look as society will not allow them to work with 10 inch hair out in all direction and vibrant colours and extreme makeup.