Monday, 2 May 2011

Scene Kid Encyclopedia

From an Anonymous Scene Kid (as if they admitted to being a Scene Kid they blatantly wouldn't be one), some top tips to guide you in the right direction.
1.       What would you say the most important thing about your appearance are?
I’m gona go with hair, thats a biggy then maybe shoes and piercing's probably.
2.       In your experience what hairspray you deem unliveable without and is less more?
Tresemme freezhold, long lasting and has great hold, and a huge can of it and no less ant more at all, i like my fringe slick down so it docent blow up out of place.
3.       Perfect pair of skinny jeans, men’s or woman’s?
Topman black skinnies for guys, and Primark dark girls jeans as i could never find men’s navy ones..
4.       What's more important to you, Pride or street cred? 
Hmm i have already lost my pride to gain street cred, so yeah that more important.
5.       Would you rathe live without Music or Vision?
To be fair I could get my mates to dress me and make me look cool, but no way would i be able to live without music love finding new stuff specially finding Dub-Step.
6.       What your poison, what’s your hair dye?
Erm I’m gona have to go with cheeky vimto(WKD blue and port.), Plumb red ; crazy colour, but il stick anything in my hair, if it goes wrong i wont leave the house!
7.       What's the best night out you've had?
Thats definitely a night out in Salt Rock City (a venue in Nottingham), they have some amazing gigs on their followed by a club night with some epic tunes!
8.       Top tips to keep your high tops in mint condition?
Haha, I don’t, I go for the dirty look. I don't have the money to spend on new trainers every week.
9.       What sub-culture do you think is the coolest, and what do you class yourself as?
Scene kid but thats only because its what everyone calls me, with all my pricings and tattoo’s big hair. Haha I’m scene apparently.
10.   What your most prided pice of jewelry?
Erm, i would say it has to be a tap belt buckle its soo cool and retro, that or leggo necklace.
11.   What celebrity do you admire the most?
Hailey Williams, Paramore’s lead singer.
12.   Last 3 albums you brought / downloaded?
Katie Perry, Emarosa and Fore Years Strong, all downloaded of corse.
13.   Walk me through your typical weekend
Well if its starting friday id be out with mates drinking, Saturday sleeping in LATE then hanging about town with friends not doing much, then pub and a decent gig if its on usually local bands and that, then sunday i sleep eat and play WoW
14.   You have £500 pounds what do you do?

Buy a Pokémon, no actually id get a micro pig and dress him as a Pokémon.
15.   The perfect weekend would be?
Hanging out with my friends.
16.   Favourite films?

Can it be pornographic? Ok, Freedom Writers (2007), Dead Poet Society (1989) properly.
17.   Sum your friends in one word?
Amazunnyoyle, Because their amazing always about funny and always have my back.
18   What’s your bad habit?

Taking my plugs out and wiping my ear cheese on people
19.   Who do you draw your look from?
Oliver Scott Sykes. . . . . . . . .I’m not a stalker or anything.
20. If you could tips to anyone to be a Scene Kid what would it be?
Jeeze, well don't try to hard because no one will like you, just to be yourself start hanging around places you see them, thats how i met some of my best mates surfing through crows of mates, mates and settling with the ones i gelled with. I just found i liked allot of different things and from that i found myself on the Scene and now i keep up with it because its so fresh and packed full of good times. But i really wouldn't call myself a Scene Kid.

Another Magazine, Another Scene Kid.

Jeremy Defour
 Photographer : Willy Vanderperre
Stylist: Alister Mackie
Hair and make up : Peter Philips
Set design : Stevie Stuart

Jeremy Defour
This Fashion shoot displays so many elements of Scene Kids, from flat peaks to wrist bands to brightly colored trainers, but my most favourite part of this fashion story is the fact they have dressed up this guy in Full circlue, hugo boss, top man, john gallioarno, Rachel Aurubn, Nike, Raf Simons, Judy Blame, Alexander McQueen and yet they don't change his trainers apart form one picture, as they cant top the'Models own' trains witch makes it incredible Scene Kid like, as we all know they know the best cracks to find amazing shoes.

Jeremy Defour

Jeremy Defour

Jeremy Defour

Jeremy Defour

Jeremy Defour

This shoot has exposed the clubbing scene for Scene Kids with the illumines wrist bands, because they are fresh on the scene with music especially they always seem to have gigs bands and festival wrist ties scattered up their arm. Other elements shown are the low, low trousers showing off their underwear and quirky little accessories all taken to the absolute extreme in this shoot by the mozake of key chains hanging form his trousers to the over styled hair, done so bad with so much product it pulls off a great look.

The Waterfront

The waterfront by day

The waterfront by night
This plain looking building is home to a great musical scene in norwich, it is open every weekend and most evening for gigs and club nights, it has a very youthful crowd, and a very alternative scene.

By nigh this place comes alive, striving with youth and drunken antics, its the place to be on a night out in Norwich thanks to its amazing musical lines ups. It has had such performers as La Roux, Bowling for Soup, Pigeon Detectives, Sponge, Hadouken! and so on. 

Waterfront interior

This band came about shortly after Scene Kids did, they merge perfectly with this youthful subculture,   adopting their dress style to their music style, a mix of many genres and opening the door to Dubstep witch most Scene kids strive on now as its new and popular with youth's. This band has evolved and adapted and kept up with the vast changing scene witch is why allot of Scene kids still listen love and follow this band.

The Blackout, Waterfront

The Waterfront always draws a crowd, no matter the night, no matter the price. It keeps itself alive form the youth of the crowd it draws and rewards them with the bands and music they love.

Bring me the Horizen, Waterfront
By Jen

'LOL' Captions at the waterfront

Night hear birth many new cultures and trends, its a great night out to see what's out their and to make new friends. Without night like these Scene kids would never find new trends and dress styles to keep their look fresh and unique is the pool of inspiration.

<3 Captions at the Waterfront
Faces of the waterfront

The ananotmy of Guns, Waterfront

The fozz

The Forum
The forum, The heart of norwich and the most populated areas of youth based sub cultures, it has a very heavy scene kid bases. Essentially it’s a huge constructed outdoor arena with steps / seats up to the main building, inside you can find a library and coffee shop with some restaurants up stairs.

The Forum steps

STEPS, You cant be a youthful subculture without a good place to loiter and what better than to in the middle of a city or town. It was the same in my town all the greeboes goths and chav's hung out at the town hall steps and its no different at the forum except it is mainly dominated by scene kids, but that not surprising with the mix of shops their offering Scean'isem on a plate to you.

Forum events
The Favourit forum coffe shop
The Fozz as everyone calls it has an array of events is hosts on the weekend such as advertisements and launch seems for dance, circus classes and entertainment, distracting youths from being inside the forum as the staff their do not favor them. Always asking you to leave and "escorting" you off the premiss. It helps rase status if you get kicked out or even "banned" a few times, perfect fro scene kids as they have that front of attitude when they don't want to piss anyone off.

Inside the forum