Monday, 31 January 2011

Brick laine Outting

I am:
Scene Kid

1)This jaket is very scean kid, from the bright blue and white colours, to the band uniform jaket styling imattating an emo band (My Chemical Romoance) but putting a vibrent spin on it, it fits the sub colour because its a diffrent and unushiwal thing to wear, requiring confidence ot pull off.

2)This wool nilon mix gives off a nice colour, a stiffness and is very easy to print on and embroyed, with the gold print and text embroydery, it also has some intreting rope trims on the sholder giving it that band jaket feel.

3) This intrestign jaet would be worn with a hevy single colour print t shirt with graphitie style graphics on a white or black top, mega skinney jeans or 3/4's in a light bone wash and flash new high top's, maybe even a head band.

You are:

1) This light baggy exstream flared floral print trousers are a true hippy find, with the vibrant colours the bisey patterning and flowing moovemnt they define flower power.

2)Thease imence trouseres are a light cotton mix to give it that light stretchy vibrent print, minimal weaight maximum colour.

3) I would proberly paire thease with a nice tie dye baggy top with a widdend neak line, some drappey beeds and a head band, not forgetting a cute pair of flat sandels.

We are:
1) What makes it punk, the dull tones of black and grey, the prison liek appearance of stripes mixed in with leather; its diffrent its make shift and the waistcoat faternings make it look quite D.I.Y.

2)It's made up of a smart cotton herringbone grey and black stripe with a plane soft leather waistcoat , this looks becomes effective as it clashes smart with rough giving off a punky vibe.

3) This garment would prberly be warn with a tight pair of ripped skinney jeans, probberly black with high top doc-martins or beefy boots, to clash skiny with bolkey.