Thursday, 31 March 2011

Henry Holland

Henry Holland seems to be a bit of a hybrid himself, he has a lot of key characteristics of a Scene Kid and these have obviously been filtered down through his designs. He has a prided hair cut and packs a colourful punch; his clothes have the attitude of what’s expected form the street culture, bold and savvy, as long as the person in it has the dominance so the clothes don’t wear them. Is this the sub culture of a Scene Adult?
Henry Holland himself.
You can see from his look that he is a very trendy guy, a modern twist on big hair, his print top, the bravery to sport tartan trousers and avoiding looking like a punk want-to-be. He may not have the animal print, the dyed hair, the skinny skinny jeans but he has the key features of attitude and print. As Scene Kids aren’t just about the look it allot about the balance of attitude, a mix of intimidation with not being seen as some arrogant prick. Henry has this balance. In this picture he is wearing quite a contemporary print t-shirt, the fact its print plays heavily on the influence of this street culture, the fact you don’t really see what the image is of straight away seem to be another hint towards inspiration of scene kids tops, as most of them now are so heavily packed full of amazing graphics you do have to sit, stair and dissect the image. Different angel same point. Keeping it simple with his grey hoody and black jacket he finds himself slipping again back into a scene kid stature, with the low cut tight jacket + hoody, layering up he has done what most scene guys do.

Henry Holland
Moving on the man’s work, hear you can see he’s has followed the ever so popular trend of the heavy text print slogan tops. When these first came out the few people that had the right attitude to wear and pull off were scene kids due to their attitude to life and from what some of these early confrontational tops said. Here he has launched his own spin of them, different slogans still on the borderline of “offensive” print, he’s added colour on the text making It pop and put them on colourful backgrounds, the inspiration of this can quite easily be traced to the scene kid colour pallet, as you know how kids and colour’s are. There is one other thing he has taken form the street style, big baggy t-shirts, witch such epic prints Scene kids need a big canvas to display it on and can’t help but drape themselves in these drowning tops over their frail body’s, he has just taken the length and kept them thin, other have altered this further tuning this fad of big bold text print tops into long t-shirt dresses. With the guy, colour on the pants is essential, when you wear jeans low and everyone can see them scene kids make sure their pretty, Henry has obviously taken note of this, taking out the hole element of trousers. No high tops for Henry though, but he has just transferred the colour onto boots, making them very snazzy.

Henry Holland
Print and poker-dot’s, there was a time when poker-dot was one of the main crazes of Scene girls, for some of the old school’ers it still is even after the big shift onto animal print and the new funky cutesy object print. But what ells would you expect from a graduate in print, so why would Henry not look to the streets for colourful, unique print based sub culture of scene kids? The fact he studied journalism as well meaning he is more likely to be aware of the cultures going on in the country.

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