Thursday, 31 March 2011

Bleeding star.

Bleeding star was a mile stone in the birth of Scene Kids releasing their first branch of their brand, it  came about not long before 2005. It took one person to make this brand, and many to spread the word of these deigns. Essentially the team is one organizer and a group of his friends that want to be involved, many other have joined the teem throughout its few years of design, such as ; bands, extreme athletes, DJ's, artists and designers. With all that fresh young dedicated talent no wonder they have helped make this sub culture what it is.
Bleeding star group shot

You can see the typical styled up image of a group of people who would fall into he Scene Kid sub couture, through promoting their designs with these models and with this style of background they have idolized key features scene kids strive on. The graphics and print found on most of the t-shirts worn are in the very specific art style of graffiti, with graffiti comes skaters, BMX's and other extreme sports and allot of those people are heavily tattooed witch can be seen in they style of some of these t shirts. They all feed back into each other. Bleeding Star was one of the first to combine the mixed elements from Skaters, Emo's and other alternate sub cultures and this was their bi-product. Through looking at the elements of street culture they helped birth a new one, that other were tempted into from the designs they produced, the graphic prints as well as the attitude they adopted. 
"Stand up fro what you believe in despite how much persecution you may have to go through. No matter what 'scene' you may belong to, or whatever type of music you enjoy listening to. Wether you spend your days dancing to the pulse of a DJ, or rockin it at a hardcore show, just be true to yourself."
This is bleeding stars motto, from when it first launched itself into the world, and allot of the points it makes fit the lifestyle taken form the Scene kid's 'bible'.
Bleeding star
This image is one they use to market their work and sell it the fact you can hardly see any of the print of the clothing is insignificant to the buyer, as they are mainly looking at the girls dyed hair and extensions, he accessories and attitude. She looks how they want to, or think would be cool to look like and gives off a  very in your face vibe, through using the characteristics of this subculture they have increaed the chance of swaying someone young and inpreshinible to buy it. They are selling a lifestyle, ideally the lifestyle of a Scene Kid. Trough marketing this way they may have glamorized the fad of sleeve tattoo's and facial piercing, dyed hair and such but they took these features form other cultures to produce work like this developing a cattails for the birth of Scene Kid's.

Bleeding star
Other latter elements seen in their production is the use of unisex clothing, as they only really sell tops and hoody's it is easier for them to do this, form a culture were guys are wearing girls jeans because their skinnier and girls wearing guys tops because they are bigger and more graphic the brand has taken this into consideration when producing designs. The print on the clothes is neither masculine or feminine. They have some girly colour and some gory male style imagery but still stays neutral, this was then latter developed by other brans they have association with into such prints as the scull and bow print and death cherry's in cutesy styles. The brand itself has moved on through time, their early designs are very dull to what they produce now, and this can be linked with how spratick the Scene Kid coulture is, asways changing always finding new things they like, new music and developing themself and Bleeding star have been on the side lines watchign and helping them as they find themself more engulfed by this social group and show them some serous extreme Scene Kids.

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