Monday, 28 March 2011

Marc by Marc

In Marc by Marc's spring/ summer 2010 collection they seem to have grasped allot of street influence form the sub culture of Scene Kid's. The strong heavy bold use of colour, the animal inspired print mixed with quirky accessories.

Marc by Marc Jacobs

The leopard print top can easily be seen to transcend from the street cultures of Scene kids, as it seems to be one of the key features of their wardrobe to identifying them selves into this culture, The low drape sleeves on the top stylize the scene kids look of being petite and small girls with slightly swampy tops yet still defining the small waist. It still sets a clear break from the origin of the pattern, it is discolored from its natural form and has been enlarged and more dispersed creating more thoughtful and conceptual look. Mixing the electric blue belt ribbon tie with the striking bright orange pattern skirt gives of a bold and complimentary statement witch is seen allot in the trends of this street culture, the total look is then topped with a huge oversized bow in the hair. Girls form this sub culture have been seen with the same feature and allot of the tops features bow’s collaborated with sculls. 

Marc by Marc Jacobs
Within the male realm of the stylization of scene kids Marc by Marc has been very very subtle in this aspect he has stuck with his favorites electric blue witch attract scene kids like moths to a flame, fashioning this into a luxurious long mac coat, not the typical scene kid coat mind but the colour keeps it on trend. With guys jackets need to make a bold statement accompanied by heavy print tops, but Marc has substituted this with a printed tie, toning it down adding to the subtle effect. A very effective key to menswear, subtle and different, ironic as scene kids are anything but subtle appearance wise. The pice I find most significant in this outfit that is taken from the street style is the belt buckle, as for most males cultures it is a source of pride and status. The bigger the buckle, the more colorful, the more dominant the male, scene kids opt for the more colorful and shinny to state their masculinity.

Marc by Marc Jacobs 

In a culture wear appearance and attitude is everything this image seem to key down some of those spectacular features, not as in your face but still non the less precent and powerful, the big curls of hair imitate a more tasteful appearance of the teen driven craze of back combed hair. The sunglasses give off a intimidating effect that scene girls achieve with other means, via being more creative. Once again Marc has stuck on gold with this beautiful animal print coat, Cheater. Different to the leopard print but still quite similar it branches off in to the animal inspired realm and could have lead to other fads of print such as zebra and such. The small cutesy dress underneath looks almost misplaced on this girl witch some groups of scene kids have developed into their own style, such as floral like dresses replaces with prints of animated sculls, cherries and stars, the fact is the prints are subtle and just stand out because of the style cut of the dress itself so when you begin to pick up on these things you notice such print details. Marc has pinpointed this awkwardness of the figure and look of the person to the cut of the clothes so you divulge more deeply into the entirety of the look. The flat dolly shoes could also been seen as simplified replicas of the heavy pattern iron fist style shoes, non the less you wont catch a scene kid in anything other than high tops or dolly shoes just add colour.

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