Monday, 2 May 2011

The fozz

The Forum
The forum, The heart of norwich and the most populated areas of youth based sub cultures, it has a very heavy scene kid bases. Essentially it’s a huge constructed outdoor arena with steps / seats up to the main building, inside you can find a library and coffee shop with some restaurants up stairs.

The Forum steps

STEPS, You cant be a youthful subculture without a good place to loiter and what better than to in the middle of a city or town. It was the same in my town all the greeboes goths and chav's hung out at the town hall steps and its no different at the forum except it is mainly dominated by scene kids, but that not surprising with the mix of shops their offering Scean'isem on a plate to you.

Forum events
The Favourit forum coffe shop
The Fozz as everyone calls it has an array of events is hosts on the weekend such as advertisements and launch seems for dance, circus classes and entertainment, distracting youths from being inside the forum as the staff their do not favor them. Always asking you to leave and "escorting" you off the premiss. It helps rase status if you get kicked out or even "banned" a few times, perfect fro scene kids as they have that front of attitude when they don't want to piss anyone off.

Inside the forum

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