Monday, 2 May 2011

The Waterfront

The waterfront by day

The waterfront by night
This plain looking building is home to a great musical scene in norwich, it is open every weekend and most evening for gigs and club nights, it has a very youthful crowd, and a very alternative scene.

By nigh this place comes alive, striving with youth and drunken antics, its the place to be on a night out in Norwich thanks to its amazing musical lines ups. It has had such performers as La Roux, Bowling for Soup, Pigeon Detectives, Sponge, Hadouken! and so on. 

Waterfront interior

This band came about shortly after Scene Kids did, they merge perfectly with this youthful subculture,   adopting their dress style to their music style, a mix of many genres and opening the door to Dubstep witch most Scene kids strive on now as its new and popular with youth's. This band has evolved and adapted and kept up with the vast changing scene witch is why allot of Scene kids still listen love and follow this band.

The Blackout, Waterfront

The Waterfront always draws a crowd, no matter the night, no matter the price. It keeps itself alive form the youth of the crowd it draws and rewards them with the bands and music they love.

Bring me the Horizen, Waterfront
By Jen

'LOL' Captions at the waterfront

Night hear birth many new cultures and trends, its a great night out to see what's out their and to make new friends. Without night like these Scene kids would never find new trends and dress styles to keep their look fresh and unique is the pool of inspiration.

<3 Captions at the Waterfront
Faces of the waterfront

The ananotmy of Guns, Waterfront

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