Monday, 2 May 2011

Scene Kid Encyclopedia

From an Anonymous Scene Kid (as if they admitted to being a Scene Kid they blatantly wouldn't be one), some top tips to guide you in the right direction.
1.       What would you say the most important thing about your appearance are?
I’m gona go with hair, thats a biggy then maybe shoes and piercing's probably.
2.       In your experience what hairspray you deem unliveable without and is less more?
Tresemme freezhold, long lasting and has great hold, and a huge can of it and no less ant more at all, i like my fringe slick down so it docent blow up out of place.
3.       Perfect pair of skinny jeans, men’s or woman’s?
Topman black skinnies for guys, and Primark dark girls jeans as i could never find men’s navy ones..
4.       What's more important to you, Pride or street cred? 
Hmm i have already lost my pride to gain street cred, so yeah that more important.
5.       Would you rathe live without Music or Vision?
To be fair I could get my mates to dress me and make me look cool, but no way would i be able to live without music love finding new stuff specially finding Dub-Step.
6.       What your poison, what’s your hair dye?
Erm I’m gona have to go with cheeky vimto(WKD blue and port.), Plumb red ; crazy colour, but il stick anything in my hair, if it goes wrong i wont leave the house!
7.       What's the best night out you've had?
Thats definitely a night out in Salt Rock City (a venue in Nottingham), they have some amazing gigs on their followed by a club night with some epic tunes!
8.       Top tips to keep your high tops in mint condition?
Haha, I don’t, I go for the dirty look. I don't have the money to spend on new trainers every week.
9.       What sub-culture do you think is the coolest, and what do you class yourself as?
Scene kid but thats only because its what everyone calls me, with all my pricings and tattoo’s big hair. Haha I’m scene apparently.
10.   What your most prided pice of jewelry?
Erm, i would say it has to be a tap belt buckle its soo cool and retro, that or leggo necklace.
11.   What celebrity do you admire the most?
Hailey Williams, Paramore’s lead singer.
12.   Last 3 albums you brought / downloaded?
Katie Perry, Emarosa and Fore Years Strong, all downloaded of corse.
13.   Walk me through your typical weekend
Well if its starting friday id be out with mates drinking, Saturday sleeping in LATE then hanging about town with friends not doing much, then pub and a decent gig if its on usually local bands and that, then sunday i sleep eat and play WoW
14.   You have £500 pounds what do you do?

Buy a Pokémon, no actually id get a micro pig and dress him as a Pokémon.
15.   The perfect weekend would be?
Hanging out with my friends.
16.   Favourite films?

Can it be pornographic? Ok, Freedom Writers (2007), Dead Poet Society (1989) properly.
17.   Sum your friends in one word?
Amazunnyoyle, Because their amazing always about funny and always have my back.
18   What’s your bad habit?

Taking my plugs out and wiping my ear cheese on people
19.   Who do you draw your look from?
Oliver Scott Sykes. . . . . . . . .I’m not a stalker or anything.
20. If you could tips to anyone to be a Scene Kid what would it be?
Jeeze, well don't try to hard because no one will like you, just to be yourself start hanging around places you see them, thats how i met some of my best mates surfing through crows of mates, mates and settling with the ones i gelled with. I just found i liked allot of different things and from that i found myself on the Scene and now i keep up with it because its so fresh and packed full of good times. But i really wouldn't call myself a Scene Kid.

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