Monday, 7 February 2011

21 question's with Ben-Jimin

This is Ben-Jimin Haines:

1.       On average how much time do you spend on your hair a day?
I’m gona go with an hour overall through the day including all glimpses in the mirror and minor hair tweekige.
2.       In your experience what hairspray you deem unliveable without?
Tresemme freezhold, long lasting and has great hold, and a huge can of it.
3.       Perfect pair of skinny jeans, men’s or woman’s?
Topman black skinnies for guys, and Primark dark girls jeans as i could never find men’s navy ones..
4.       If you were an animal what would you be?
Sometimes I think I should be wise like an ostrich, other times strong like a tiger, but a snow leopard.
5.       Would you rather live without teeth or hair products?
To be fair I can get false teeth so id loose them.
6.       What your poison, what’s your hair dye?
Erm I’m gona have to go with cheeky vimto(WKD blue and port.), Plumb red ; crazy colour.
7.       Have you ever reinvented yourself, if so how many times and the latest was?
Yes, at 13-14 because it’s what I liked at the time and still do.
8.       Top tips to keep your high tops in mint condition?
Haha, I don’t, I go for the dirty look.
9.       What sub-culture do you think is the coolest, and what do you class yourself as?
Scene kid, with all the pricings and tattoo’s big hair. Haha I’m scene apparently.
10.   If you could take one thing with you to start your new life on the moon what would it be?
World of Warcraft. . .  or on second thoughts a friendship bracelet for the aliens.
11.   What celebrity do you admire the most?
Hailey Williams, Paramore’s lead singer.
12.   Last 3 albums you brought / downloaded?
Katie Perry, Emarosa and Fore Years Strong, all downloaded of corse.
13.   Best band ever?
Paramour,  I don’t bum her honest.
14.   When you were a kid what did you want to be?
An astronaut, to be specific Buzz light-year.
15.   If you could be any cartoon character who would be?
Ash Ketchum, with my own little Pikachu
16.   You have £500 pounds what do you do?

Buy a Pokémon, no actually id get a micro pig and dress him as a Pokémon.
17.   The perfect weekend would be?
Hanging out with my friends.
18.   Favourite films?

Can it be pornographic? Ok, Freedom Writers (2007), Dead Poet Society (1989) properly.
19.   Sum yourself up in one word
Benjamin, because it’s who I am, No? Ok. Happazairing (happy-crazy-caring)
20.   What’s your bad habit?

Taking my plugs out and wiping my ear cheese on people
21.   Who do you draw your look from?
Oliver Scott Sykes. . . . . . . . .I’m not a stalker or anything.

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