Monday, 7 February 2011

5 Step's to Scean’isem for Kid’s.

1)      Appearance is everything, your gona need the hair guys long (fringe), big (backcomb), extreme colours and patterns infused into it; Start with a base colour of black or dark brown, chuck in some blond, a dash of an unnatural colour and maybe a bit of animal print and your set. Promote your look on facebook and other social sites become an online social whore with a catchy name to add to your flare.

2)      Your attitude and self confidence is essential, people will scrutinise you, glare at you and you need to learn to take it, be strong and stand out but find the balance of standing up for yourself and not being an arsey teen.

3)      The Scene, you have to be a very social person always out with friends, going to gigs, keeping up appearances as your name is everything this will help build your online and social status, so get out their get to the gigs, typically it can be anything form acoustic bands up to dubstep, electro, indie.  New things always come along don’t be scared to expand your musical vocabulary.
4)      Have something to offer your culture, bring in your unique flare, scene looks at a lot, listen to allot. High tops, tattoo’s, printed & band T’s, sunglasses, headbands, jewellery and pricings, you all have your own taste of what u like and don’t so take the best bits and mould it to yourself, just DONT be a copy.

Oli Sykes

5)      Remember to just have fun and enjoy your younger years,  don’t be put off by the few haters, never ever ever refer to yourself as scene, because that’s not scene that’s just a wana-be
Ben-Jimin & Bexi ^_^

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