Monday, 28 February 2011

Kilts, Shortbread, Ashish Gupta and Haggis?

Ashiah Gupta
The man himself.
So my first catwalk show and I come out buzzing, I can already feel the addiction seeping through my skin.

 What a way to start with Gupta's new A/W 2011 collection based on a Scottish influence (if you hadn’t already guessed).
He storms out these young models bright eyed and stern faced in these stunning glistening garments of pure beauty. The collection consisted of tartan patterning in what appears to look like it’s sprinkled in glitter, accompanied by the odd knit jumper with stretched and worn holes.

My favourit pice of the show, a beautifull dress
with sunken pockets in the side seem.

A stunning A semetrical dresse with one
elagent long sleeve and the other bear.

He has brought a new essence to the look of Punk street couture with his softer alterations of it, as he states “Punk with a lower case ‘p’”. He has taken shabby to an entire new level glam’ed up with the shimmering shiny treasures hidden under the tattered worn jumpers a mix and match of Scottish heritage and the trendy tern of street couture. He seems to have broken away from the norm and hit the nail on the head with this one, it was truly a treat to experience this show live in no other way should these garments gleam and sparkle but under the intense spot lights of a cat walk, sunlight would not grant them justice of their true potential.


The defanition of his collection.

And thus his collection was compleate, with his very tripocal pick of shabby styled models, i persanly think the ginger chick was a nice touch, very ironic.

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