Monday, 7 February 2011

Planting the scene seed.

Zui Suicide


The origin of Scene kids is a bit sketchy it appears to be a collaboration of most sub cultures, as the look is reflects many elements from such cultures, such roles models in the scene are Zui Suicide, Oli Sykes and bands such as Haduken.

Visual Kei is obviously the inspiration of hair and the Japanese street flare of extremism, some say that scene kids come from emo’s just more colourful and well happy. But you can see similar traits from other sub cultures such as New Romantic, Glam rock, Punk, Indie and so on. . .

Vanna Venom

From my own experience Scene kids are highly stylise colourful people nice to get on with if you treat them right and typically have big hair held by masses of hairspray with colour chucked in and maybe a bit of animal pattern stencil on, printed t shirts and band tops with fun animations and colour, skinny jeans legging skirts and tight with studded belts and glam buckles such as the brand Famous (ironic huh), vans or high tops with fun patterns and colours. However it is a very youthful thing, you don’t get many beyond the age of 21, my opinion- that’s when they can’t maintain a look as society will not allow them to work with 10 inch hair out in all direction and vibrant colours and extreme makeup.


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